Iro shiatsu

More than 30 years ago I became aware of the healing abilities latent within me, and I began my inward journey with the help of Zen-Shiatsu. Zen is the art of substance, knowing without knowledge and presence, a healing process initiated by means of touch and pressure on the body.

From the traditional way I received, and from the knowledge that moved through me to thousands of students, I have been privileged to investigate the method, and to reach the heart lying beyond the technique. In fact, I enabled a unique method of Shiatsu to develop through me.

During my personal journey of development and growth, I experienced several episodes, in which I sensed the substance in an abundance of colors and geometric forms. It took me some time to accept what I had learned from within myself.
Faithful to my feelings, I was privileged to receive and develop breakthrough tools, and the ability to transmit them onward, by means of guidance and inspiration, with exceptionally profound ease, clarity and simplicity.
The study material is modern, the learning and guidance treatment are personal and multi-dimensional, enabling accelerated development appropriate to the 21st century.

The Substance of IRO Shiatsu
While in the majority of healing methods, the healer works on the patient (muscles, skeleton, meridians, etc.), Iro Shiatsu is based on unity between patient and healer:
Since we are all made in the same mold (muscles, skeleton, meridians, etc.), the healer's focus on his own body, wherever the patient requires support, provides accelerated recovery, often almost magical.
The immediate result for the patient is an experience of space, empowerment and a remedial process – physical, emotional and spiritual.

The History of Shiatsu – in a nutshell
My teacher of Zen Shiatsu was Nigel Dowes, who studied with Suzuki, who was in turn taught by Masunaga.
With the inspiration of all these, as well as Ryokyu Endo, with whom I took several workshops, I integrated in my treatment the Zone system of Suzuki, the Sub-meridians of Ryokyu Endo, and of course, the Meridians system of Masunaga.

When I opened up energetically, a further concept began to develop through me, in which each meridian is endowed with a geometric form and color. I also developed the Spiral model, which integrates the geometric shapes with each other in a spiral movement, by means of the intention, awareness and work of the healer on his own body, with and without touch.
The result of this treatment is multi-dimensional balance, with which it is also possible to correct moments of crisis and trauma from the past which have led to the present condition.

I am pleased to welcome you here, to my virtual home.

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With love

Naomi Goldberg